Welcome to Niki's French Bulldogs.

Formerly Pacific Wonderland French Bulldogs! With the amount of dog scammers out there we want to be completely transparent as to who you are purchasing your Frenchie from. We are just a small hobby breeder operation and want you to know who I am instead of using a DBA. I am proud to put my name on my puppies.

In March 2023, a Multnomah County judge found Edith Victorino (located in Puyallup, Washington) has used "Pacific Wonderland French Bulldogs" online and in social media with the intent to confuse my buyers. So, we want to be totally clear that we are in no way associated with this breeder. Although the domain will remain www.PacificWonderlandFrenchBulldogs.com , I will be conducting our business online and on social media as myself, Niki's French bulldogs.